Simple Python Project: Cat Image Generator

A simple python code that will generate a random image of a cat.

Justin Mrowicki

2/15/20231 min read

This short Python code displays a random cat picture using TheCatAPI. The first few lines of the code import the necessary modules to make requests to the API and display the image in the Jupyter notebook.

The show_cat_picture function sends a GET request to TheCatAPI using the requests.get() method and stores the response in the response variable. If the response's status code is 200 (OK), the response is parsed into a JSON format using the response.json() method. The URL of the cat image is then extracted from the parsed JSON and stored in the image_url variable. Finally, the Image class from IPython.display is used to display the image in the Jupyter notebook using the display() method.

The code also includes an example of the show_cat_picture() function, simply calling the function by its name. When executed, this code will display a random cat picture in the notebook.