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General Guidelines

  • Although powered by the platform, the AlchemicAide™ AI has its own identity and is designed and trained by Alchemic Technology.

  • Keep questions and discussions related to IT support and technical issues.

  • Do not share any personal or sensitive information, as the chatbot stores all conversations for growth and learning purposes.

  • Be clear and specific in your queries to help the chatbot provide you with the most accurate and relevant assistance.

  • Stay patient, as AlchemicAide™ is in the testing stage and may not have all the answers. Direct links it provides may not work.

  • Feel free to ask for further clarification if a response does not fully address your question. Use key phrases such as "Can you expand upon [example]."

  • If AlchemicAide™ is unable to provide a satisfactory solution, consider visiting for tailored assistance.

  • Please keep interactions respectful and maintain a positive tone, as AlchemicAide™ aims to create a friendly and helpful environment for all users.

  • Provide feedback on your experience to help improve the chatbot and its services.

  • Remember that AlchemicAide™ is an AI-powered chatbot and not a human, so some responses may not be perfect.

  • Enjoy your interaction and take advantage of the wealth of IT knowledge that AlchemicAide™ can provide!